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  • The advantage of a "no fill" soccer field system

    "Fill-free" football artificial turf is based on the traditional turf based on a change, it refers to the combination of "fill-free football grass + shock pad" for the fill-free football turf system。This is a new concept for the latest generation of artificial grass for football fields。

    所谓"Free filling" is to abandon the "quartz sand + rubber particles" as a filler, and the use of "free filling football grass + shock pad" to achieve the movement and protection of artificial turf。At this stage in the artificial turf market, "fill-free" artificial grass is closer to the real grass type of turf in terms of touch or movement, fall, sliding resistance and ball rolling feedback。

    The main advantages of "no-fill" artificial turf system are:

    First, sports

    1, in the ball rolling speed, distance and give the ball support closest to the professional football field natural lawn。

    2, the ball rolling track straight forward, no directional change。

    3, the whole stadium buffer performance is very stable at the same time, with perfect shock absorption effect, with more sports protection function。

    Second, environmental protection

    1, "free filling" that is, there is no need to fill any quartz sand and rubber particles in the lawn system。It can effectively avoid various problems caused by filling。Such as filling substandard rubber particles,Can cause a pungent odor,May cause physical discomfort to the active person,Cause nausea, headache and other adverse reactions;In addition, the filled rubber particles after a long time of outdoor sunlight, rain erosion, motion friction will appear powder phenomenon,The differentiated rubber particles float in the air as they move,When inhaled, it cannot be removed from the body,This will bury an untimed bomb on human health。

    2, "no-fill" lawn can effectively avoid electrostatic adsorption, electrostatic burns caused by skin and lawn friction after shoveling, falling down。

    The problem with conventional filled football fields:

    First of all: rubber particles,It is an indispensable auxiliary material to ensure that its artificial turf system meets the sports performance,But more and more rubber pellets have lower environmental standards,Tire particles, though,It's not toxic,But its merchants to reduce costs,Most of the tire particles are vulcanized during the grinding process,Its excessive sulfur content is very harmful to the athlete's body。If the purchase is safe and environmentally friendlyEPDM or TPE pellets are expensive and cannot be afforded by ordinary schools or private investors。

    Then there is the movement performance of the particle, which increases with the use of time。The rubber particles gradually age, and the overall athletic performance of the entire artificial turf football field system will continue to decline over time until it completely loses its athletic performance and is forced to replace the field。